DynaMOMENTS – Singing of HIS Love and Justice for Blameless Living

Psalm 101: 1. “I will sing of your love and justice; to you, Lord, I will sing praise.”


Health is not just about exercise and eating; it is about so much more; remember, it is about relationship health, financial health, sleep health, heart health, digestive health.  It starts with you; it starts at the beginning of the day.  Your health is truly enhanced when you praise and give thanks (gratitude), and today, we will talk about singing of “His love and justice.”

To continue on with the topic of blameless living, I thought I would go through each verse of Psalm 101.  So, this will be the exercise and nutrition plan I throw your way for several weeks.  Actually, I am not just throwing it.  I am pitching it to you liked a skilled pitcher who is ready for the World Series or at least wants to “play” at that level.  I pitch it to you with accuracy hitting the target in God’s strike zone necessary for you to achieve success.  I pitch it to you so you can “hit a home run” in your health and in your relationship with God and others.  This isn’t for a .300 (batting average) either; it is for the purpose of doing God’s will so that everyone’s life and health are enhanced for their eternal benefit by your effort to do God’s will.  This means you are about achieving a batting average of 1000.

Let’s look at verse 1 of Psalm 101.  “I will sing of your love and justice; to you, Lord, I will sing praise.”  Think about this for a moment.  How often are you singing of God’s love and justice?  How often are you singing praise to Him?  Do you start your day off with His praise ready on your lips or do you drag yourself out of bed bemoaning the fact that you “have to go to work”?  Is singing of His love and justice a reflex action on your part like checking your text messages or checking the ding you hear from your cell phone?  Do you have a notification button on your phone to let you know it is time to sing of His love and justice?

Let’s go further with this, and yes, I am confronting you, but as I confront you, I am actually confronting myself.  Do you spend more time looking at the so-called news than you do of singing of God’s love and justice?  Do you spend more time wondering about your own rights and the dangers that could come upon you than you do of singing of God’s love and justice?  Do you spend more time texting, emailing, and forwarding little snips of information to others that “might” happen than you do of singing of God’s love and justice?

In all honesty, I spend more time doing lots of the above, and other things, than I do of singing of the Lord’s love and justice.  I get concerned more often; I get stressed more often; I complain more often; I snack after supper more often.  Do I want to do these things more than I want to sing of God’s love and justice?  The answer is a simple no.  I do NOT want to complain more than I sing of God’s love and justice.  I do not want to text more than I sing of God’s love and justice.  I do not want to research YouTube more than I sing of God’s love and justice.  So why don’t I?

The answer to “why” sometimes is so simple that we overlook it.  We could give several answers.  My answer is that I am human, and this means that I must fight my carnal nature on a daily basis.  I could also answer that I am human, so I am easily distracted.  If I get intellectual, I could answer that my brain likes change; it likes new things and ideas frequently (even though my body doesn’t) so it enjoys the distractions that take my mind off of the mundane or the things I take for granted, like HIS love and justice.

Let’s strive for blameless living here.  To do this, we must have order.  We oftentimes need to schedule such things even if this seems mundane.  After all, we schedule our meals, our exercise routine, our work, our play, our parties, and our sleep (hopefully).  We schedule sports activities, church activities, recreational activities, and vacations.  We even schedule our quiet times in the morning and evening (hopefully), but somehow, we should be more about a continual quiet time, a continual “no distraction” time, a continual “love and justice” routine.  We should be more about making the rest of our schedule fit in with the Ultimate Schedule, the Heavenly Schedule, of singing, and enjoying, His love and justice.

So I pose this to you:  Start singing of His love and justice as part of your day, your every day, your continual day.  Demand that it take precedence over the “dings” of the phone, the texting, the YouTube, the activities, and certainly over the complaining, stressing, and snacking (note to self here).  Commit to having your singing of His love and justice coincide with your feet hitting the floor as you get out of bed or even coincide with the shutting off of the shout from the alarm.  AND certainly, most certainly, realize, receive and respond to what God shows you through this and how this is part of blameless living.  This is all to honor Him, to do His will to enhance the health of everyone for eternity.

Sing, my friends, sing…sing of HIS LOVE AND JUSTICE as you continue to be careful to live a blameless life.

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